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Fate and Honor - A Tale of Two Virtues (Part Two)

A Tale of Two VirtuesHonor "Peace, yes! But not at the cost of our honor! Never at the cost of honor!" - Asahina Shigemitsu
Honor lies in honest toilIf you're a well travelled Rokugani you'll be astutely aware how integral the code of honor is to society.  Whether it be a Crane duelist punishing a snide remark made against their lord, or a disgraced Lion samurai seeking death on the battlefield, honor is the main consideration for dictating behaviour.  The old Legend of the Five Rings game had two win conditions involving honor. An honor victory by reaching 40 points, and a dishonor victory achieved by forcing your player down to -20. This system worked to a certain extent, but it also presented a few issues. Firstly it meant that an honor vs. dishonor match up degenerated into courtiers feebly trying to take provinces, and secondly a Military vs. Honor/Dishonor match up revolved around frustrating the military deck long enough to either …

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